About Us


CO2 Blasting, LLC was established in Macon, Georgia in 2002 by Mark Hatcher and Dale Knight. Having worked for the same electric motor service and repair facility for a combined 50+ years, they saw an opportunity to offer their electrical expertise with the cleaning of motors, generators and switchgear in paper mills and power generation facilities in the Southeast. What they offered was an alternative to existing cleaning methods, such as pressure washing, sand/soda blasting, walnut shell blasting, etc. where moisture, abrasiveness and grit entrapment rendered most electrical equipment applications impractical to clean.

CO2 Blasting / Dry Ice Cleaning in the Southeast

Dry ice blasting is considered a non-abrasive process, minimizing the potential to damage fragile substrates, such as motor and generator windings. The process also eliminates the grit entrapment issue as the dry ice pellets return to a gas upon impact, leaving no residual blast media. However, the issue of moisture was more complex to address.

CO2 Blasting has served many clients throughout the Southeast including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

CO2 Blasting, LLC is a drug-free workplace and has a  program to both assist and ensure the security and safety of all employees.

The dry ice pellets in our process are propelled at supersonic speeds by compressed air. This air contains moisture, which is typically very hot with a high dew point. Once the 110 °F dry ice pellets are introduced into that air stream, the temperature of the air drops quickly, causing the moisture in the air to condensate, resulting in moisture being introduced into the process. Even for low voltage electrical equipment, this could result in the immediate failure of the equipment once it is reenergized. Therefore, a special portable compressed air dryer was designed that maintains a -100degF dew point, removing all moisture from the air prior to introduction of the ice. This dryer is manufactured by Aircel exclusively for CO2 Blasting, LLC.

Having addressed deficiencies within the process to render it safe for electrical applications, our business quickly grew and over the years our customer base has become vast and the applications for our process much more diversified. We have provided our services to clients from southernmost Florida to the Arctic Circle.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you superior dry ice blasting and cleaning services!