Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Since our start in 2002, we have utilized COLDjet’s AERO series dry ice blast systems exclusively. Having originally researched and tested other manufacturer’s systems prior to our initial investment (yes, we did our homework!), it was obvious to us that the COLDjet systems design would provide far superior functionality and durability.

Face it. When a customer is being charged by the hour he won’t appreciate an operator spending excessive time trying to unstop a clogged hopper instead of blasting. The same goes for trying to maximize profits on a quoted job, or when an operator spends all day blasting overhead on a ceiling with a “sputtering” machine.

The COLDjet AERO series insulated, gravity fed hopper, vibrators, thumper and ramrods, along with their patented radial feed system, eliminate clogs and downtime, allowing unlimited uninterrupted blasting. The sturdy construction of these systems ensure years of service with minimal maintenance and repairs.

Our current inventory of seven AERO series systems includes our initial unit purchased in 2002, which is still used on regular basis. ‘Nuff said!